A procedural voronoi planet generator. Full source included below.

Middle mouse button to rotate, left and right click to pull out or push in tiles.

The release version runs much smoother than the WebGL build.

Feel free to use any of this for your projects.



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This is really good, thanks for your work. I may use it in a future project :)

Gorgeous! Well done.

what is this?

What do you mean? It's a procedural planet generator made in Unity, but I guess that doesn't answer your question entirely?


I got it.


what is this?

Well that was pleasent

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Beginner question please; what do i do in order to run/compile from source?

You need an engine called Unity 3D. It's free and once you have it you can open the project from the launcher. Just make sure you point it to the folder that contains the folder called Assets.

Thank you indeed.
For me newb the small info makes all the heap difference!


What is the licence? Can I use your code in my game?

No rights reserved. Go nuts.




Cool stuff :D